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Feel good with bev yoga

Power Yoga / Resistance Yoga

Improve tone and flexibility

This class combines a Tai Chi style warm up, and yoga postures to improve the tone and flexibility of the body, but also leaves you with a sense of well being and calm by the end of the class.  This class is for all levels, as there are always several options given for poses.  There is also a relaxation section at the end of the class which involves breathing techniques to de stress and enhance sleep. Lots of my ladies have noticed an improved sleep pattern since starting Power  yoga. I have also added resistance bands for certain postures and sections of the class for a more intense work out, for those who want to use them. All classes are suitable for men, women and couples.

Want to try a class?
“I was nervous about attending the class on my own but everyone has been so friendly and welcoming and I’m not at all self-conscious about working at my own level.”
“Chi Yoga is one hour of ME time. Like most people, my life is full of stresses and strains and this class helps to relieve them. Bev understands that not everybody (me included) is bendy or stretchy so demonstrates various levels to cater for all, whilst also encourage everybody.”