Fitsteps online

Fitsteps is now available online!  So if you would like more Fitsteps or would like to brush up on your technique Fitsteps Life is ideal.  Also if you cant make my Fitsteps class then you can dance and work out from the comfort of your own home. Fitsteps Life has several packages on offer to suit all abilities and preferences.  The original package takes you through the steps of the waltz, cha cha, jive and quickstep, right back to the beginning. This also includes diet and nutrition advise from Mark Foster. The Fab package is great if you would like more low impact workout and easier to follow dances. I use a mixture of both FAB and Fitsteps original in my class. The Shape and Tone package includes 5 x 30 minute dance classes and tips on diet and nutrition. Extreme is the more intense option, which is great for increasing your cardio fitness and targeting the problem areas.

All the packages are competitively priced and can be bought by clicking the link below:

Also if you looking for a DVD to do at home, ‘Shape and Tone’. This includes some great Strictly style works outs from the lovely Natalie Lowe. This is can bought by using the link below and clicking on the accessories section:

There is so much exciting stuff coming on board with Fitsteps over coming months and I will be bringing lots of new dances to our own Fitsteps class in Sutton over the coming weeks and months!

Keep dancing !

Bev xx





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