dance fusion

DanceFit Fusion & BodyFit Fusion

Workouts for the whole body

DanceFit Fusion
dancefitfusionThis class is my own creation and uses some Zumba ‘style’ routines but also includes some aerobics and body conditioning tracks too. There are also ‘power’ tracks that will increase in intensity to raise the heart rate further for those who wish to do so. As with all my classes DanceFit Fusion has levels for all, its easy to follow and is lots of fun! The music is great and covers many decades, so there is something for everyone!

Dancefit is now on each Monday night at 6.30pm at Plantsbrook School. Class is bookable in advance

BodyFit Fusion
bodyfitfusionThis class is one of my own creations and is always a great workout and lots of fun. It includes an aerobic track, a combat or boxing track, and a HIIT (high intensity interval training) section which usually lasts about 1o minutes. The HIIT section contains cardio and toning elements to work the whole body. This is followed by a short but powerful Abs blast routine, great for toning and flattening the tummy. We finish up with 15 minute yoga section, including some resistance bands for toning, stretching, and end with a relaxation and cool down, to leave you refreshed ready for the day ahead.. Please see our current timetable here.

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“I am not a morning person but Body Fit Fusion on a sat am sets me up for the weekend. It genuinely is an all over workout..”
“If you want fun whilst exercising then this is the class for you. Our instructor Bev has a fantastic choice of music that makes you want to dance..”