Do you have a question?

How can i contact you?

You can call me on my mobile number: 07863 626909 or by email via the contact page.

Do I need to book a class in advance?

No at present none of my classes are bookable, just come along and take part.You will be asked to fill out a quick form relating to your health for insurance purposes

What do I need to wear?

Just wear comfortable and breathable clothing. For Fitsteps and Dance Fit, footwear is better with a smoother grip, allowing you to swivel on the dancefloor. However for my Sat morning Body Fit class I would recommend trainers that are suitable for higher impact exercise.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

For both of my dance classes i suggest you bring water and a towel, however water is also provided at Walmley Club. For my Saturday class, please bring water, a towel and a mat or something similar for the floor work.

Do I need a dance partner for Dance Fit or Fitsteps?

You do not need a partner for either of these classes

Do I need to be a good dancer?

You do not need to be a good dancer, but you will enjoy Fitsteps and Dance Fit more, if you enjoy dancing. Routines are easy enough to follow, and from experience most peoples coordination improves after a few classes.

Do I need to be fit?

You do not need to be fit to come to my classes, just be enthusiastic. We can work on improving your fitness together. You can expect to burn lots of calories in all of my classes if you put the effort in.

Dance Fit – 500 – 800 calories per hour

Fitsteps – 500 – 800

Friday Legs Bums and tums – 400 – 600 calories

Body Fit – Does vary depending on the class program on the day – 600 – 800 calories

What do i need to wear or bring to Yoga classes

For this class you will need to have bare feet, socks, or yoga socks. Also you will need a mat suitable for yoga or pilates. You can pick this up for a small amount now in most stores.