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Class Testimonials

Hi Bev, just to say absolutely loved Fitsteps last night, my first time. Another brilliant class to come to with no pressure or competition. My well-being has been so much better since I started coming to your classes, thank you so much!

Well it all started on the charity tropical night where my sister invited me to come along and join in the fun!! Well I thoroughly enjoyed it – that was 4 weeks ago and I’ve been going to yoga and fit steps every week since!! Ive noticed I’m more supple than I was and I sleep like a baby after yoga!! Because I’m having so much fun I’ve taken advantage of the £25 for a whole month offer in August not only is Bev a good teacher she’s also someone I can call a friend – thank you Bev xx
I am not a morning person but Body Fit Fusion on a sat am sets me up for the weekend. It genuinely is an all over workout, it’s never the same so you don’t get bored and your body always feels the exercise afterwards, it doesn’t get complacent! The atmosphere is great, motivational and fun with a few giggles along the way. HIIT and YOGA two of my favourite things. The music selection i
awesome, always uplifting and always different. An awful lot of thought has been put into this class.
Bev Dabbs is my instructor in Sutton Coldfield. Bev’s enthusiasm is infectious, I haven’t exercised regularly for years but I’ve been at FitSteps since the beginning of the year and have only missed classes through holiday. I’m gradually ‘stepping’ up the level I work at and Bev is great at encouraging us but also reiterating that everyone should work at their own pace. I love the music and the dancing and the great class atmosphere, always leave on a high ??
Michelle, Fitsteps
Monday nights have never been so much fun! Bev is a fantastic teacher whose boundless energy and fun keeps you going when you feel like you can’t reach the end of a track! There are new routines pretty much every week so you never get the chance to be bored and Bev’s song choices are spot on, mixing classic Zumba tracks with some new chart hits and a few high tempo golden oldies that make you want to dance before you begin any of the moves! No matter what your ability, Bev will make you feel right at home and you’re sure to have a good workout. I might leave hot and sweaty after every class but I also leave with a massive smile on my face.
Lyndsey, Zumba

Power Yoga and relaxation is one hour of ME time. Like most people, my life is full of stresses and strains and this class helps to relieve them. Bev understands that not everybody (me included) is bendy or stretchy so demonstrates various levels to cater for all, whilst also encourage everybody.
I have generalised osteoarthritis and when I started Chi Yoga found I could not do some of the positions due to my joints being so stiff but each week I find myself progressing and can now do moves I previously struggled with and my joints are less stiff. I am also noticing that my balance, posture and core stability are improving. The last ten minutes of the class is dedicated to relaxation with gentle music and low lighting, leaving me feeling totally chilled out. For several days after I know what muscles I have worked due to the pleasant ache I get from them.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Fitsteps, turns out it’s a fun, energetic class where I don’t have to worry about my lack of co-ordination, not being able to keep up or never having tried to Tango or Waltz!! There is a great atmosphere, the soundtrack to the class is excellent (I do sometimes find myself lost in the music, doing my own thing!!). Everyone exercises according to their fitness levels/abilities but always with lots of encouragement from Bev. No matter how tired I feel beforehand, I always leave Fitsteps feeling energised and with a smile on my face.
Michelle, Fitsteps
If you’re looking for a fun total body workout the Saturday “mash-up” class is ideal for you! There’s a mix of Zumba, Fitsteps, Yoga, HIT and much more, which gives your body a workout from top to toe and burns lots of calories. Bev is an enthusiastic instructor whose class is fun and welcomes everyone no matter what your fitness level is. The class works you hard but then the yoga relaxes and soothes you so you always leave smiling! I love this class as it takes the best bits of each class and “mashes” them together, it’s never boring
If you want fun whilst exercising then this is the class for you. Our instructor Bev has a fantastic choice of music that makes you want to dance. Her routines are fun and continually evolving so there is no chance of anticipating her next moves.
You don’t need a partner so you can just turn up on your own, as I did, to a warm welcome from Bev and her class. Initially, I found myself on the wrong foot or facing in the opposite direction to everyone else but soon found that it didn’t really matter as long as I kept moving!
I look forward to Zumba every Monday evening as I know I will get a good workout and leave feeling happier and more energetic.
Stella, Zumba
I came across Bev’s classes on social media whilst looking to increase my exercise schedule, originally thinking about a cardio/fitness/dance class. On contacting Bev she told me she would be starting a Chi-Yoga class which I thought would suit me more at this stage as flexibility and core strength are important to me. I was nervous about attending the class on my own but everyone has been so friendly and welcoming and I’m not at all self-conscious about working at my own level. Chi-Yoga leaves me feeling very relaxed but also rejuvenated, a great mid-week boost to see me through the rest of the working week! I have also found that I am sleeping a lot better too.
Michelle M, Power Chi Yoga
You will not find any other instructor doing as Bev does in her Saturday morning mashup class. Every week is different but you always get an all over body work out. The class includes zumba, fitsteps,boot camp,circuits,HIIT and a bit of yoga to stretch you out with to finish. All fitness levels are catered for and Bev encourages you all the way. A warm welcome is given to everyone in this very friendly group. We very often have lovely healthy treats brought in by some attendees and Bev at the end of the class. WELL WORTH GIVING IT A TRY
Wow! How good was last night’s Zumba class? Best one yet I reckon! According to the people who “have the technology” we burnt somewhere between 650 and 850 calories, and boy did we break a sweat! AND my legs don’t half ache this morning.
Zumba is a tried and tested fitness method that actually works – and more importantly continues to work. Thanks mainly to our lovely Bev who works really hard to make sure we get a varied class to fab music every single week. It’s been proved that repetition doesn’t bring ongoing results (think of a body builder who only ever lifts the same weight), but thanks to Bev we get a different workout every week – no need to keep changes classes around or trying something ‘new’. Thank you Bev! You’re the best xx
Alison, Zumba
Another great class delivered by Bev, with great moves shadowing all the well known ballroom and latin dances .. rumba, samba, paso doble to name but a few ! Again, the class has been designed around the participant getting the most from the moves of these dances improving posture, balance, and toning the body. Would highly recommend a go for anyone who loves strictly come dancing or indeed dancing as a whole, it really doesn’t matter if you cant do the moves at all to begin with.. this class oozes fun with great sound tracks and an inspirational instructor.
Debbie, Fitsteps
A really fun class, so good you don’t feel like you’re working out! Lots of great tunes and easy to learn dances with lots of friendly faces. Bev is a fantastic instructor who motivates and makes the class fun. For all abilities, you can workout to your own abilities whether beginner or advanced.
Maddie, Fitsteps