Saturday morning at 9am,  is Bodyfit at Fairfax School in Sutton Coldfield. I put this class together some years ago and have adjusted it as the years have gone on, to accommodate clients wishes.  This class is for all levels of fitness, so do not be put off. Lower options can be given if needed.

What should you expect from Bodyfit?

Class does vary from week to week,  but we always include, some aerobics, light hand weight work, HIIT, body conditioning and core work. We finish the class with a yoga inspired cool down and stretch out.  Clients are encouraged to work to their own ability, but also over time to push themselves and achieve some realistic goals.

It is a tough class, but clients always say they feel so good and invigorated after class, and it sets them up for the weekend.

You will need a mat and some light hand weights for Bodyfit, and I can offer advice on these items if you wish to purchase for class.

Class lasts an hour and costs £7 or is included with one of our membership deals.

If you wish to join us please book using whatsapp 07863626909, for the quickest response.

See you soon!