Why should you join our classes?

There are so many gyms and fitness businesses out there, so why should you join ours?  A very good question, that i shall try to answer.

I currently run 4 classes in Sutton Coldfield, which all vary in impact and style.  I made these choices intentionally and ladies seem to love the mixture and choice.

Why should you join us as apposed to a gym? Another good question.  From my own experience i felt that the gym was a little boring and there was no consistency with instructors.  I can honestly say our classes are definitely not boring, and routines are tweaked and new music added often.  Also as you will only have 1 instructor ( yours truly) there is the option to share your worries, ask advice and request for personalized options when possible. You will also get used to my style of teaching. Which in the long run can only help with your fitness regime.

Are my classes a good place to socialize and meet new friends?  Oh definitely.  Not only have I met lots of new lovely ladies in classes, but have also made some life long friends too.  I also know this is the case for so many other  in class.  It is so lovely when my ladies invite their friends or relatives to join us, as it does really feel like one big happy family!

Are my classes friendly and lots of fun!   One of the main things that is said to me time and time again, is how lovely everyone is in class, and that everyone is so welcoming.  Everyone is in class to work out, have fun, and sometimes de-stress…. There are no airs or graces, which is how i hoped it would be.

My classes are also great value for money.  Every class is £5.00 and comes with its individual loyalty card.  So when you do 5 classes of a particular style you get 1 free.  Alternatively i have membership packages available which run from the start of each month until the end, and include,1 month, 3 month and 6 month packages.  If you are planning to do 2 or more classes each week, is definitely the best way to save money.

So basically i could go on for sometime about the positives of coming to our classes…. but it would be best for you to try for yourself….

If you would like any more information on class you message me or visit check out the class section on this website… See you soon x

Bev xx


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