I have many people say to me, ‘ I cant do yoga, because I am not flexible enough’.  That is exactly the reason why you should be doing Yoga!

My Free Style  Yoga class is suitable for all levels, as options can be given. The class includes some upright poses and stretches, and some balances. We then move to the floor for some core work and lower body poses.  My yoga class is a full body workout and is a great way to stretch, tone and then enjoy a lovely relaxation section at the end.  It is all put together in a very friendly environment, and everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace and when ready push themselves forward.  As we we come to the last 15 minutes of the class the lights are dimmed and the fairy lights remain, which makes for such a relaxing and cosy room.

You will need a Yoga mat or similar, otherwise class is best done in bare feet. Ages range from 20s to 70s in my class and we are all very welcoming.

Class takes place each Wednesday at 7pm at Fairfax School in the gym. Class costs £7 or as part as a membership with me. Booking is essential and opens each Sunday at 9am.

Namaste 🙂